SINTAS sin tas Boya
sintas boya
Sintaş company was founded in 1978, and began activities as building and furniture paint producer during 1978-1995. From 1992 company moved into the sphere of car-repair and industrial paints, and continue to develop own industry nowadays. Production area of the company is 31,000 sq. meters, the indoor area cover 21.000 sq. meters and equipped with high-tech modern facilities. The company serves customers in 7 regions of Turkey, and coordinate regional offices and a wide dealer network. To ensure more efficient performance, Sintaş team of experienced specialists, sales representatives and technical staff, provide all necessary and professional assistance to customers.

Absolutely 100% domestic production, Sintaş company offer a wide range of products both in Turkey and beyond. In compliance with both technological developments and research, Sintaş company expands every day and export the goods to 48 countries nowadays.


We Supply Heavy Machineries, Diesel & Gas Engines And Spare Parts From Top Brands Around The World